Tanker companies carry out centralized staff training

According to the relevant work deployment of Shandong Shipping Co., Ltd. to strengthen talent security, combined with the new situation of Shandong Shipping Tanker Transportation Co., LTD., spanning business development, gradual establishment of organizational structure, and concentration of new employees,79日至11On Sunday, the tanker company organized all staff to hold closed centralized training at the Qingdao International Shipping Center over the weekend。

This training aims to focus on the characteristics of the industry operation, the company's development history, the main business model, the company's culture concept, ethics and rules and regulations,Strengthen employees' industry cognition and enhance professional skills,Enhance the moral quality of employees, and enhance the communication and understanding between departments and employees,Lay the foundation and create the atmosphere for the subsequent production, operation and management improvement。

At the opening ceremony,Xu Tao, chairman and general manager of the company, shared the party history learning and education experience with employees,And around the development history of the tanker company, development status and future prospects for the presentation and training,Emphasis was placed on explaining the Marine and tanker company culture for employees,The awareness of integrity and self-discipline has been strengthened,Improve the ability to resist rot and change,Inspired the love and dedication of the work enthusiasm,Condensed the thoughts of employees,And put forward ardent expectations and encouragement for the future work of new employees。       


In the following 3 days of training,Wu Xinyuan, a professor of the Party School of Qingdao Municipal Committee and a famous official document expert, starts from the practical point of view of administrative documents,The document structure and writing points are analyzed in a simple way,Improve the basic document writing skills of new employees;In response to the newly promulgated and soon to be implemented new "Work Safety Law",Shandong Province safety production expert Guo Yong combined with the case analysis of past safety accidents,It focuses on the key points of the new security law such as "three pipes and three must", "four full" and "three clear",Sound the safety alarm bell for the majority of cadres and workers, tighten the safety production string;Three senior executives from Fleet Management company's Tanker Technology department, Executive Director, Chief oil Inspection Officer, fleet General Manager, worked for the staff on ship management in English video lessons,The system introduces the ship management system, the operation precautions of the whole process of loading and unloading cargo, the risk point control in ship management and so on,Enable employees to learn the industry's most advanced management knowledge,Gained a better understanding of Fleet's safety and risk control system。