Shandong shipping tanker transport Co., Ltd. party branch held the party history learning education thematic organization life

The meeting was first led by the branch secretary Xu Tao to study the first topic, and Comrade Du Yu informed the preparation for the Party history learning and education meeting。Comrade Xu Tao reported it on behalf of the branch2021The half-year work of the Party branch of the tanker company in the first half of this year, especially the study and education of the party history and the review of problems, put forward clear and specific rectification measures from the aspects of improving and upgrading the form of study and education, accelerating the construction of the branch mechanism, effectively strengthening close contact with the masses, and exploring and promoting the integration of work。

  随后,Comrade Xu Tao took the lead and party members of the branch carried out control inspections one by one,Engage in serious criticism and self-criticism,Everyone goes straight to the point and faces the problem head on,In a serious, realistic and open attitude,Further exchange of experience, enhance unity, clear direction,It has achieved the effect of unifying thought, building consensus and improving together。